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Name:Samus Aran
Birthdate:Aug 6
Samus Aran was born to parents Rodney and Virginia Aran, of the Galactic Federation's Excavation Colony K-2L. When she was four, she was the sole survivor of a raid by an organization dubbed by news outlets "the Space Pirates." Found by the Chozo, a declining precursor race, she was adopted and raised in their culture, genetically modified to survive the conditions of the worlds the Chozo favored.

Choosing the path of the Warrior, she was trained appropriately and given a customized suit of Chozo power armor. At the age of seventeen, she left her foster people to seek her way in the galaxy, and soon became a bounty hunter. Aran quickly gained a reputation for being the sole survivor of several high-profile missions, before eschewing the companies and associations to which most hunters attach themselves. Despite the suppositions of her critics, however, she has always strictly maintained a distinction between herself as a bounty hunter and the freelance mercenaries who comprise most of the other solitary, well-armed folk of galactic civilization.

While not always spotless, Samus' career has been a storied and bloody one, with a special emphasis placed on the operations of the "Space Pirate" organization. To that organization, and to many others, she is known simply as "the Hunter," the definitive example. Then she found the Nexus.

Stranded in the exdimensional space for several subjective years, she learned much and inadvertently carried on her games' tradition of sequence-breaking, being exposed to the X Parasite and the Metroid-derived vaccine to counter it before traveling to the Luminoth world of Aether. While she has since regained access to her home Facet of reality, she still travels extensively through the Nexus and other expressions of reality, offering aid and advice where she feels the urge to do so.

In the course of her career, Samus has been responsible for uncountable trillions of credits in property damage, millions of deaths, the extinction of at least two species, and the destruction of four planets. The Galactic Federation has given her an official Threat Index rating of "G," and she is the only single organism to carry that rating.

[This is a continuation of the character from the Livejournal of the same name. All the usual disclaimers apply.]
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